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Office Policies

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Philadelphia and Elkins Park
Mon - Fri: 8AM to 5PM
Sat: 8AM to 1PM

How are Appointments Scheduled?

It is our policy to appoint preschool children and those in primary grades during the morning hours. We have found that children react better to dental procedures when they are less tired and the office is less crowded. Official school Excuse forms will be provided if necessary. Last afternoon appointments are reserved for children in the secondary grades.

Your appointment time has been reserved for your child. Any change affects many patients.  Every attempt is made to maintain our appointment schedule.  The unpredictability of children may result in some delay.  Please be patient.

Do I Stay with My Child During the Visit?

We invite you to stay with your child during the initial examination. During future appointments, we suggest you allow your child to accompany our staff through the dental experience. We can usually establish a closer rapport with your child when you are not present. Our purpose is to gain your child's confidence and overcome apprehension. However, if you choose, you may come with your child to the treatment room. For the safety and privacy of all patients, other children who are not being treated should remain in the reception room with a supervising adult.

Does your child suffer from food allergies or sensitivities?

We understand the concerns of parents today reguarding what materials your child may be exposed to on a daily basis. We have chosen products with particular concern for those patients with food sensitivities. The products we use in the office are absent of egg derivatives, gluten, casein, soy or tree nuts. These ingredients represent the majority of allergens affecting the gratest number of people.

What About Finances?

Our office policies regarding payments for dental services will be discussed at your child's initial visit. We offer extended, interest free payment plans and most insurance plans are accepted.  It is our intention to provide your child's dental health needs as thoroughly and as efficiently as possible.  In addition, we will endeavor to make your child's visit with us a pleasant and comfortable one. Before we begin your treatment, an explanation of the recommended treatment and an estimate of the fee involved will be presented to you for acceptance.

Insurance - In order to fully cooperate with families who are covered by dental insurance, we ask that you supply the name and address of your insurance company and your policy numbers when you arrive for treatment. We will gladly fill out insurance claims and assist you in receiving maximum benefits from your program. All policies, however, have limitations, and most do not cover 100% of the fee for our services.

Please remember that, although we will assist you with your claim, you must assume ultimate responsibility for payment. In the event your insurance company does not pay within sixty days of the claim filing, you will be required to make other arrangements with us.

If at any time you have questions regarding any treatment, fee or service, please discuss them with us promptly and frankly. We will make every effort to avoid a misunderstanding and preserve a friendship.

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